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Will open more new tourist routes in Bai Tu Long – Halong Bay

Halong Bay has long been the tourist units open interest tours, for example, online visitors. However, with Bai Tu Long Bay, though is also attractive destination, but it is not so! And to exploit the tourism potential of this, a number of recent tours, routes, new destinations in Bai Tu Long Bay has been open …

So far, after a time of deployment, the functional unit made ​​3 3-point line and tourist stays in Bai Tu Long Bay to the province requesting recognition. Specifically, the first online travel Halong – Reverse Park Hon. Tourist line comes from the port, in Halong City, through the grass sights Hang, Hang me, that port, cable, Tung Ang ecological area, Hon Reverse Park. The total route length of 30km journey, travel time, about 6-8 hours. The second system is Vung Coating – Island Park, Reverse, a total length of 15 km, journey time 4 hours. The third route is the Dragon – Minh Chau, a total length of 18 km, journey time of about 6 hours, departing from Cai Rong, through the hole in the sights Clumsy, Ba Mun National Park, beach Ming Chau. Also 3 tourist accommodation including staying in the park The Hon Reverse, the Van Canh Island resident and stay in the hole in each region.

For routes and tourist sites in Bai Tu Long Bay soon go into operation, extended space travel and promote tourism potentials of Bai Tu Long Bay, the relevant units such as the Department of Culture, Fitness Sports and Tourism, the Department of Transportation – Transportation, Halong Bay Management Board, Provincial Police, the local TP Cam Pha, Van Don district, has actively implemented by the content of the assignment. Accordingly, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has invited representatives of tour operators, corporate travel business in the country to survey, investors and operators taking tourists to visit, stay on Bai Tu Long Bay. Also research great option investors, professional investment vehicles, infrastructure, scale, quality safety, proactive and provide information to facilitate the organization, individual-oriented research, providing travel products fit characteristics of the area and make a difference to attract tourists. Department of Transportation – Transportation conducted the survey scale investment, including initial construction buoy systems, columns etc. waterway signals. to qualify announced routes to inland attractions, staying in Bai Tu Long Bay, as well as developing plans to build the fleet to visit and stay, prepare forces for port development the implementation of state management of transportation on the Bay. Halong Bay Management Board also is developing plans and investment plans in the infrastructure, service sector activities, entertainment on Bai Tu Long Bay …

Through the fact that the expansion of the online tour, travel to Bai Tu Long Bay has received the support of travel agencies, tour operators and visitors crowded. Hoang Thi Bich Nguyet, Deputy General Director of JSC Indochina Cruises, a business unit ships overnight on the Gulf, said that the investment stays in the Bai Tu Long Bay is very important to the authorities should have the scrutiny, investors must be within the framework of tourism development plans of local, national vision and consensus government as well as the fishermen in order to conservation of cultural values ​​as well as the geology and geomorphology of Bai Tu Long Bay. Nguyet said, adding, the development of this type of service should determine that their audience towards, psychological characteristics, cultural tourists from which to build appropriate package. Many tourism businesses also shared that, when routes, destinations in Bai Tu Long Bay was announced, putting into operation, regardless of media, transport infrastructure, system port, pick hotel safe, spacious, modern work is indispensable. These jobs require local planning, participation and comments of the leading experts in the country and abroad, combined with financial resources from the business units ship in social investment practices carnival. In addition, maintenance of landscapes, environments, creating connections for diverse destinations, travel services system factors serve special offers for guests satisfaction is an indispensable element when the points are published online, put into operation and exploitation.

The expansion of activities for tourists to visit, staying in Bai Tu Long Bay is very important in the development of tourism in the province. With the preparation of local governments and authorities, and the dynamic of the business positively, hopefully when the tour, the new service will come into operation extended space travel , bringing the tourism product attractive and unique visitors to Quang Ninh …


Cát Bà nơi thư giãn lý tưởng
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